Monday, May 22, 2006

Bye Bye Dome

Well, looks like it is official now. The Twins are going to get their new ballpark, and from the sounds of it the stadium is going to suck even more than the Metrodome... except it'll be outdoors. There's not much positive about the new stadium, in my mind.

The new stadium is going to be a few blocks from the Target Center and warehouse district meaning that pretty much all summer when there are night games, the area is going to be even more overcrowded. It's bad enough as it is down there, but it'll no doubt be a tremendous hassle to get around on the nights when there is both a Twins game AND a big event at the Target Center.

From what I've read it's also not going to be an overly spacious stadium and will be very compact, which is kind of what one of the complaints about the Metrodome was so I don't get why people would rather be cramped outdoors than indoors. I know on some of the hot summer days I'd rather be inside the dome where it is climate controled rather than being cramped next to some uber-fat guy who is covered in more sweat than a boxer in the seventh round.

One thing that most people won't care about, but I do, is that the stadium will be built on top of what is, right now, the cheapest place to park downtown. So instead of parking for $5 for the day, as I do now when I have to drive, I'll have to park in one of the other parking establishments, with the cheapest being $7.50 a day and most being around $10.

If anything, this new stadium is going to get me to stay away from baseball games than go to them. Right now I like to try to make it to Twins games because it's cheap. I have a feeling that with a new venue there isn't going to be a whole lot of $3 and $5 cheap seats days with dollar dogs.

Whatever, though. Just as I was getting back into baseball and the Twins, I'm going to stop caring again because of the idiocy of moving the Twins from the dome to a new, seemingly ill-designed stadium

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