Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It is a Business Trip After All...

As much as I would have loved to have had time to see the city and its sights, I've unfortunately been working, although not all of the time spend with coworkers has necessarily been "working". I have had the chance to get plenty of Mexican food in my belly. I seriously feel like my stomach has expanded by a factor of at least two.

So far I've had enchiladas, chitarra, pollo (chicken) in pepper sauce, a gigantic kiwi martini, plenty of Mexican beer (light, of course), along with some worms. Yes, worms. I'm sure most people know the Mezcal worm that is traditionally in the bottom of tequila bottles. Well, the worms that I ate are similar to the Mezcal worms. They look more like very large meal worms, however. I ate them by themselves and in a tortilla. They're fried, not raw, so they were actually quite good. You heard it here first, I love fried worms.

Beyond eating tons of food, I've been quickly getting reacquainted with my Spanish skills. I find that I can read and understand what is spoken in Spanish, but my ability to speak it is still horrendous. It's been nice to be able to sit at a table with some of the Spanish people in our training and be able to understand their conversation and, occasionally, participate (even if I interject using English and a few butchered Spanish phrases).

Tonight everyone from the training sessions are going to be heading out to a supposedly very famous and historic restaurant on the north part of Mexico City, which is about 45 minutes to an hour away from where we are located in the southwest part of the city. When I asked one of the firm partners that works here how long it would take to traverse across the city by car he told me at least a few hours. That's amazing! I think about how long it takes to drive through the Twin Cities from the west edge of Minneapolis to the east edge at St. Paul and then compare it to the HOURS it would take to get through Mexico City. The grandiosity is amazing.

Here's to hoping I get to try some more exotic foods tonight! Oh, and I took a picture of the worms so when I get a chance you'll all get to see exactly what ended up in my stomach!

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