Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 7th's Top Five

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This week we see Ignite take a commanding lead as the #1 most listened to artist by yours truly and there is a good reason for that--they friggin' rule. As you should have read in a previous post, this band's disc has been streaming for free over at Decoy Music, so it's received even more listens that what tracked for me. This truly is one of the best melodic punk records I have heard in ages... probably since Rise Against's last effort. Seriously, this is a disc that everyone who likes rock music in the least should buy.

NOFX snuck into the #2 position because I listened to their new CD once through and then listened to a couple of old tracks at home as well for nostalgia sake. If you haven't heard of NOFX by now, you must not listen to any of the same music as me. They're some of the granddaddy's of punk music, well, at least this era of punk.

For some reason during the middle of this last week I had a hankering for listening to some Further Seems Forever so instead of picking out which album to listen to, I hit up their recently released greatest hits disc. It was great to listen to some truly good emo as opposed to all of the faux-emo and faux-screamo populating the modern rock airwaves. FSF may not have ever been the most intricate or talented of a band, but their albums (and songs) were consistently solid.

I didn't think I listened to either of the next two artists as much as I did this week. Massive Attack recently released a double disc, greatest hits release and since I liked some of their past works, I grabbed it and spun through some of the songs on both discs. I never realized how good they were, but I found I can only take so much Massive Attack in a day so I spaced it out over a couple of days, but nonetheless I was impressed by the greatest hits release.

Lastly Richard Cheese made his way into the top five. I had his newest greatest hits cd sitting on my desk at home so I threw it in for kicks when I was doing laundry earlier this week and there were just enough songs on it to get it to register onto my top five. If you dig lame ass, lounge music covers of current hits (of all genres), then by all means go get some Cheese, but for me he's more of a novelty item.

Looking back, three of the top five listens for this week were centered around greatest hits albums. I wonder if this means I'm getting fed up with new music? Truth be told there's been some great CDs to come out this year, but not many. I've been listening to a lot of older stuff lately, which is cool because I get to revisit some favorites, but it also kind of sucks because I love new music. Anyways, what did you listen to last week?

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