Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lazy Asses


That's what I wish I could be doing right now--sleeping. Or at least just sitting at home in bed doing nothing more than reading and watching tv. Cats have it made, don't they? Just about every day when I leave for work, the two cats (Pooh on the left and Stitch on the right) hop up onto my bed and get comfortable. When I get home, they're both usually still there, or if they're not, they're thumping on down the stairs to greet me. I wonder if they leave the bed the entire day.

I'm really amazed at the utter laziness of cats. Other than the few minutes of the day when they're fighting with each other or getting up to go get food or poop, they basically lie on beds, chairs, or my lap doing nothing. As much as I get stressed about having so much to do sometimes, I think I'd rather have a lot to do rather than absolutely nothing. So, in conclusion, I'd make a crappy cat... unless I was like a cheetah or something. They run around a lot. Yeah, I'm make a great cheetah.

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