Thursday, June 15, 2006

Speaking of Cats...

Cats usually get a bad rap. They're viewed as lazy, fat, and prissy. In most cases, yeah, they actually are, but in some cases you have tremendously awesome cats like the one I previously posted about that chased a bear up a tree or this kittie who can predict its owner's epileptic seizures. It's too bad that the unfunniness of Garfield and other negative portrayals of cats has given them such a stereotypically bad image.

This bad image is just the thing that the cat culture has been hoping would cultivate and hold in our stupid, dumb, unmotivated American culture. We've been inbreeding in so many negative traits into our species while simultaneously thinking that cats are more and more harmless because of their perceived lazy nature.

The perception that we hold about cats will eventually lead to our downfall. I know it. Give it about 2 years and we'll all end up being exterminated en masse by hoardes of cats sporting swastikas following the lead of one and only Hitler Cat:

Be afraid. Be very afraid. And be nice to cats. Or else.

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