Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another Project Undertaking

Along with my caffeine purge that I underwent a couple of weeks ago, I have also been trying to be living healthier all around. About 2 weeks ago, the same time I was starting my purge, I also decided that in tandem with it, and after it, I would take better care of my diet, exercise schedule, and body as a whole.

What has resulted from the first two weeks has been a successful drop of nearly 10 pounds! As of yesterday I weigh 184 and two weeks ago I was right around 193. That's quite the accomplishment in my book. However, it isn't my goal. My goal would be to hit the magical 175, but I know that'll take more work. The first chunk of weight is always easiest to lose, but after that it takes a lot more work.

I've been watching my diet a lot more than I have in the past. Sure, I will still order pizza out with my housemates or toss in a hot pocket when I'm too lazy to cook, but instead of doing that for the majority of my meals, I've been making myself sandwiches, cooking pastas, and making non-microwave food. Additionally, my portion sizes have been under intense scrutiny. No longer am I satisfied to let myself gorge for supper or eat gigantic lunches in the hopes that I'll run it off later in the day. No, I actively manage my meal sizes to keep my stomach from becoming too stretched (thus leading to being continually hungry).

Exercise wise, lazy days of not letting myself do anything are over. Assuming I don't have a concert to go to or something else to do after work, I make sure to put in at least my 3 mile run, if not a tiny bit more, just to push. On weekend days that I don't have anything going on, I've been trying to get at least one or two days of two-a-day runs in, where I put in a 3 miler in the morning and then do sprints or another 3 miler in the afternoon.

So... can I do it? Can I keep myself on this path? Can I keep myself under 185 and maybe even reach down to under 180? I know I want to. I hate looking in the mirror and feeling like I've let myself go. It's so good to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see and I'm determined to feel that way again.

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