Thursday, July 13, 2006

Making Progress

Yesterday evening was definitely better. I didn't have too much of a headache at all. My run brought it about a little bit at first, but it didn't stick with for nearly as long. I, unfortunately, cramped up again. I thought I'd drank enough liquids during the day, but the two cans of Fresca and one glass of water didn't do. The cramping wasn't quite as bad this time, so progress is definitely coming along.

One thing that I did notice more throughout yesterday and also today here at work is that I am actually less focused. I find myself losing my train of thought and spacing out much more than I used to. I thought for sure that with my blood pumping along a little bit slower that I'd be able to stick with stuff a lot more rigidly, but the opposite is happening.

The tiredness throughout today hasn't been as bad as yesterday. The noon to 2 slump was a little more easily conquered today. Last night, however, I still ran out of juice by about 9:45 pm. Most people need 8 hours of sleep, supposedly, but my non-juiced body seems to need about 9, which kind of sucks. As time goes on and my body adjusts a little more, I'll hopefully be able to stay up longer without having to feel like I'm forcing myself to.

The only other thing that I've noticed, which may or may not stem from my caffeine-less state, is that I'm slightly more irritable and prone to snapping off snarky responses to things instead of patiently thinking things through and holding my tongue. Maybe caffeine pacifies me! Who knows? That would make an interesting study--seeing if you can makes assholes into nice guys by injecting them with doses of caffeine. I doubt it would actually have the results that I'm experiencing, but it'd be fun to read about nonetheless.

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