Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mutant Bugs

I have no clue where they are coming from or why they are infesting our house as of the last week, but I've ended up killing about a dozen horse flies, each the size of a quarter. What's really weird about it isn't that I've killed these gigantic suckers, but that there are only freakin' monstrous horse flies zooming around our house. I haven't seen a normal sized one yet.

Which leads me to wonder about these freakish bugs. Do they eat all of the smaller flies? The true alpha male fly--it devours all smaller competitors and claims the female fly for his own, defending her from any other tiny flies until challenged by the next mutantly huge alpha male. Come to think of it, this probably exists somewhere in nature and I'm sure there's been a Discovery Channel special on it.

I'm waiting to wake one of these days only to see one of my cat's or a roommate devoured by the king of this fly colony. Surely we're only seeing the drones flying around our house, scouting out the area, running reconnisance. Pretty soon we'll have a full scale invasion on our hands as we battle for this house. I just don't know what they could want.

But whatever, I guess I'm just weirded out by having huge flies finding their way into our house. The only thing I can think to keep doing is swatting away and hoping that Flothra, King of Flies, doesn't decide to pay a visit to check up on the troops.

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