Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fat Disease?

I don't know about you, but I sure as heck think metabolic syndrome is just totally a made up disease. I've been reading about it everywhere, most recently in the latest issue of Wired, and it just seems like a way to classify people that are fat and lazy into one mass category so that Pfizer and other big drug companies can peddle "get thin quick" drugs to the legions of people who suddenly have been diagnosed with a new disorder.

You don't have a syndrome because you don't exercise, watch 5 hours of television a day, eat McDonalds for lunch, Chipolte for supper, and snack on a bag of Cheetos a day. No, that's called being a lazy fat ass. If you look at the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, you see what are not symptoms of anything, they're effects of a crappy lifestyle.

Now I'm not some totally insensitive clod who thinks that all fat people are just big, dumb, and lazy because I know that there are people that do have hormone, enzyme, and chemical imbalances that lead to their size, but you can't be serious when 75 million of the 298 million people in the US fit the category of suffering from metabolic syndrome according to The National Istitutes for Health. That is a fourth of the US's population!

Instead of selling high price designer drugs to the overweight, why don't doctors just tell people what they need to hear--get off your ass, exercise, and stop eating so much crap! I know that I'd be fat as all get out if I didn't exercise because I eat terribly. I'm smart enough to know that when I have a double whopper or a half of a Domino's pizza that I need to go out and do something besides sit in front of my TV playing Xbox 360 or reading a book. I go to the gym, work off the extra calories, and guess what? I ward off "metabolic syndrome". I'm sure if I tried, I could give myself metabolic syndrome, but then is it really a syndrome? I thought that syndromes were things that we caught or were caused genetically... but don't tell big pharma that. Then they wouldn't be able to peddle drugs to fat people.

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