Friday, September 29, 2006

My Friday Salute: Taquitos

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my wonderful friends that I like to keep in the freezer for times when I'm too damn lazy to cook, which is more often than you'd think. Say hello to my taquitos!

They're beef or chicken rolled in a crunchy tortilla that you can pop into a microwave at any time to snack on. Rolling a meat taco into a non-messy, snackable form is something of genius. Whoever created the taquito deserves a handshake or pat on the back or check for a billion million trillion dollars because, gosh darn it, they're really good.

I usually buy my taquitos by the 60 count box at Sam's Club. Hey, you can never have too many taquitos if you ask me. Unfortunately, the downside to having 60 taquitos at your disposal is that I'm often tempted to cook ungodly amounts of them all at once because they're so snackalicious. Like right now. I just make 14 of them for lunch. You can't deny the power of the taquito. It's like the Chuck Norris of Mexican cuisine.

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