Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tonight's Match Up

cold weather

"For today's fight we have Rick in the blue corner and the newcomer, Winter, in the red corner. Rick hasn't been in a fight since March. Winter has been dormant for a few months but has suddenly slammed himself back into the fight world, recently knocking out Summer and Fall in a 4 round TKO. This should be a good, drawn out, heavy fight. Let's head down to ringside."

"Ok men, I want a good, clean fight this time. Last time you two went up against each other it got pretty ugly. Winter, try to avoid ice storms, 20 degree below zero temperatures, and taunting with 45 degree days in the middle of a cold spell. White outs are fair game. Rick, let's not have any excessive whining over not being able to run in the cold or attempting to let your driveway go unshoveled. Howewver, celebrating white outs is acceptable. Alright, let's see a show tonight gentlemen. FIGHT!"

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