Friday, December 08, 2006

Ahhh... Weekend

It's only a couple of hours from happening--the weekend! Every week I find myself longing for the weekend to get here, mostly because of the days that I get to do what the heck ever I want to without having to work about work tasks and other crap. When the weekend finally gets here, however, I find myself feeling a little guilty.

In anticipating the weekend so strongly, I sludge through my days at work, not truly enjoying them. I slog through my nightly tasks like going to the gym, Thursday night poker, and watching TV. This week most of my time at night has been taken up with putting together the gigantic year end top 50 spectacle that will be unveiled next week over at Decoy Music, so my anticipation has been even more heightened than usual, and here on Friday, my guilt for just sliding through the last five days also runs a little higher.

Personally, I hate wasting time at all. It's usually my goal to make the most of any spare time I have, so when I find myself frustrated by the boredom of some of my menial tasks at work or by my indecision when it comes to deciding what I want to do for an evening or my lack of motivation to really dig into something like the top 50 feature. Honestly, I've been a little more apathetic than I'd like lately, but I think it's just a phase. With Christmas coming up, it's hard to focus on the right now without thinking about the time off and fun activities associated with the holidays.

So it's Friday. In a couple of hours I'm going to go to the gym and I'm going to enjoy it, dammit! And then I'll make some supper and I'm going to relish in doing it, dammit! And then I'll play some Gears of War with Jared and it'll be glorious, dammit! And then I'll head off to bed and it'll be phenomenal, dammit!

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