Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Low Calorie Lunch

I have a really bad habit of eating like crap. My diet is seriously terrible. Hot pockets, chimichongas, pizza, ramen, microwave dinners... all staples of my usual diet. I somehow manage to not get ridiculously fat by forcing myself to hit the gym as often as possible to work off the overload of fatty calories that my diet consists of.

When I'm at work, I'm a little bit better when it comes to eating. I try to keep my office stocked with only healthy items so that I don't really have a choice for unhealthy foods when noon rolls around, but I sometimes succumb to my cravings and hit up the Jimmy John's or Burger King in our building. For the most part, though, my work file cabinet has a healthy supply of soups, some Easy Mac (when I have cheese cravings), and Pop Secret's premium mostly fat free popcorn.

Most popcorn isn't too good for you, but this stuff surprisingly is. An entire popped bag has less than 150 calories, few of them being from fat, and has a decent amount of fiber to keep you regular and stuff. The best part about it, though, is that an entire bag of popcorn sure fills you up. I may still crave chocolate or greasy food after my popcorn fix, but I lack the room to fit any of that in my stomach.

The next best thing besides the health benefit, is that this popcorn sounds like a firefight from a big budget Hollywood flick when it's popping. I used to buy generic popcorn, but the kernels popping sounded pretty limp. Pop Secret kernels must be made partially of gunpowder. I'm tempted to take cover behind a file cabinet every so often when I get distracted and forget I threw a bag in the microwave. With its opening volley my inattentive mind thinks the crazy lady from the end of the hall finally snapped and decided to shoot up the office.

Popcorn. It's the meal of champions... and people who can't control their cravings so they need to jam their bellies full of something to fill 'em up.

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