Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Pretty Daunting Thought

For Christmas with some of the gift certificates I received, I picked up seasons 4 and 5 of the show 24. I have the first three seasons sitting at home on my DVD rack already. Eventually I'd like to catch up to the current season that is on the air, but as I did some calculations, I realized that it's going to take a lot of effort to get through the five seasons sitting on my shelf right now.

Each season is about 1,000 minutes long, give or take about 50 minutes. So in the first five seasons there is around 5,000 minutes of television on DVD to watch. That's a lot of time. Over 83 hours. Now let's assume I watch about 3 hours a week, which would be about 4 episodes. If I were to stick to that schedule, it would only take me about 28 weeks to get through the first five seasons of 24. That's six months.

And that's only to get through 24. On my shelf I also have to finish the final 5 seasons of X-Files as well as the final 5 seasons of The West Wing. So if those televisions seasons run relatively close to the runtimes of a season of 24, then I have about a year's worth of TV on DVD to watch there as well.

And that's also not including some of the other assorted TV on DVD that I've picked up and would like to get through... like the final two seasons of Futurama and the second season of Wonder Showzen and some of the Adult Swim DVD sets and Lost and Grey's Anatomy and a slew of other shows. There's just too much to watch! I might just have to give up going to work and spend 8 hours a day watching DVDs. Seriously.

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