Monday, January 29, 2007

Lucky Number, Eh?

I watched another movie. It was ok. It's now a part of the movie thread.

Lucky Number Slevin (7/10): It's very apt that the premise of this movie is one of mistaken identity as that is what happened when I saw this film. I expected it to be a high velocity action flick, but instead it was more of a methodical, noir caper flick. The action comes in spurts. The dark comedy even more so. The performances from all involved (Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Lucy Lui, Ben Kingsley, and Morgan Freeman) were great and heavily noir inspired. The plot will keep you guessing... that is, until you guess what the general idea of what the ending will be by the second act. Hartnett's character gives it away by the manner in which he takes his case of mistaken identity. Still, it's a good movie and one of the few that I can stand seeing Lucy Lui in. If you want a solid mix between Layer Cake and a condensed version of Ocean's Eleven, this is probably the perfect movie for you.

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