Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally, a Candidate I Feel Good Supporting

In case you haven't heard, Al Franken has decided that he is going to run for senate here in Minnesota. If you live in Minnesota and haven't heard about this, either you are completely politically ignorant or you are some isolated hobo in the great northern plains... in which case you reading this and not hearing about Franken is a little disturbing, to say the least.

Anyways, Franken is running. Minnesota will again have another former entertainment industry persona attempting to work their way into political office. Jesse Ventura, our last venture into this territory, didn't exactly work out as I would have liked it to have. It was cool to tell everyone our governor could beat up anyone else's governor... for about a week. Then we wanted to see what Jesse could do politically, which pretty much consisted of nothing interspersed with the occasional insult or poorly phrased interview.

Al Franken, however, has been heavily involved in politics over the last few years and has contributed a lot to the political commentary circles that so many people pay attention to. I know that I've mildly paid attention to what he's done in the past, but probably not paid quite enough attention. Now, however, with his running for office, I'm all the more interested to see how handles himself. I'm sure he'll be a great candidate and considering I agree with the vast majority of his political leanings, I think I might finally have a candidate I don't feel so dirty voting for. And he was on Saturday Day Night Live. Booyah!

...yep, I did it. I said booyah. Bring back the mid 90's!

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