Thursday, February 01, 2007

An Odd Correlation

Yesterday was, frankly, pretty freakin' cold out. And it looks like the rest of this week will be cold. What was surprisingly to note was that in the middle of this extra cold spell, the gym is extra full. I assumed that since it is so cold out that people would usually not venture out but instead stay at home and veg out in front of the television. I know it takes me a little bit of a mental nudge to get my ass to the gym when it's this cold out.

When I think about it, though, it isn't all that surprising that the gym is fuller than normal the colder it gets out. When it gets in the single digits and below, I realize I have nothing I could possible want to do other than sit in the house or go work out. Not wanting to be too tremendously lazy (being sort of lazy is perfectly ok), I tell myself that it's too cold to do anything fun outside like play broomball, go for a run, or play in the snow so I might as well go to the gym.

Obviously there are plenty of other people that figure the only thing to do is go work out too. I barely got on a treadmill last night and when I did, I made sure to stay on it as long as my little legs would let me because I knew if I took a break, I'd not get on again. Maybe I need a new gym that isn't so damn crowded... but then again, I'm stuck with this one for like another year at least since I paid for 18 months about 6 months ago. Stupid long term commitment deals.

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