Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Soon to be Moving

New HouseLately, I've been a very busy person. Not so much with work, but with house hunting. Knowing that the lease on the house I am renting is up near the end of April and having no desire to rent for another year, especially the subpar house we are living in, I wanted to buy a place. What this meant is a lot of shopping around.

With the housing market being as soft as it currently is, there are a ton of houses on the market and also since it is so soft, I could look at houses a little out of my price range, realizing that in some cases the seller would come down to meet my price range if they needed to sell bad enough. In the process of looking, I ended up looking at probably close to 40 houses, give or take a few. I have a binder at home where I took notes on each one, so I can check to see exactly how many I saw, but I'm just not feeling up to counting them all up.

Anyways, what I trying to get around to saying here is that after a couple of months of looking, writing out multiple purchase agreements for properties that didn't end up working, and spending too much time online trying to weed out candidates, I have signed on a house! Hence, the picture in this post.

I'll be closing early April and moving in throughout the month. I'm heading off to a new neighborhood in the northeast side of Minneapolis (St. Anthony) as opposed to the southwest suburb I currently live in (St. Louis Park). It's actually a great little neighborhood, I'm only a little more than 20 minutes from downtown by bus (about 15 or less when I drive). The house is huge (a little under 2,000 finished square feet), has all new appliances, is in completely new and move in condition, has a 4 car garage that is nearly brand new, and was purchased at quite a good price.

All that is left to do is go through the inspection tomorrow, get my mortgage set up, get the title opinion, and close successfully. After that... I'm a freakin' home owner. How's that for crazy? I'm pretty pumped about moving in since the house is wonderful, but a little anxious about it as well since I'll be signing up for a solid 30 years of debt. Either way, though, it should be a very interesting spring!

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