Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tiny Tax Refund

Even though I have a couple more months before I needed to have it done, I have finished up my taxes for this year already. Since I had a lot of new caveats to filing my taxes this year such as rolling over multiple retirement accounts, filing some decent sized capital gains (thank you Nvidia), and having to deal with an early partial disbursement of a Roth IRA (thank you idiots who work at Ameriprise) I decided to go the TaxCut route.

Up until last year I had filed my taxes by hand. Wanting to try one of the programs out there I gave TurboTax a try... it sucked pretty hard. Then I gave TaxCut a try. It worked like a charm. Since I wanted to use an automated solution again this year, I picked up the latest version of TaxCut and did my taxes.

After only 2 hours, I had my taxes complete, printed out, and ready to mail in. Every year I try to only withhold enough so that I don't have to pay taxes come April. I don't like giving the government an interest free loan with my money. I'd rather keep it myself and get a small rebate come tax time. I know some people like that "gift" of a big refund, but I don't.

This year I came out pretty close again. I'll be getting a little under $170 back from the federal government and a quaint $28 back from the state of Minnesota. I'd say coming at less than $200 from being right on is pretty close to reaching my goal. I do get a little jealous, however, when some people get gigantic $1,000+ rebates that they can go blow on whatever they want, but in the end I'd rather have that money spread out throughout the year.

Now it's time to go celebrate being done with my taxes. Yay!

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