Thursday, March 01, 2007

Actually Winter

snowy weather

Finally, some actual winter weather. For living in Minnesota, there sure wasn't a lot of that fabled snowy, cold weather this year. Sure we had a snap of really cold days where it got to 40 below zero, but there wasn't any real snow to go with it, which makes the cold just ridiculous rather than welcome. This last week, finally, our wonderful northern state has been blessed with some snowfall.

I should clarify that I hate shoveling snow, I hate walking through snow, I hate driving in snow, and I really don't particularly love snow... except for when it's coming down. It's beautiful. And right now it's snowing outside and I can't help but find myself gravitating to the windows at the outside of my office building so that I can catch a glimpse.

There's something about watching the snow swirl through the air on its eventual trip downward to the ground below. The last day or two I've felt a little down and a little stressed, but standing by the window, watching the snow move in its magical patterns has helped me to clear my mind, to focus less on worrying, and to remember the simple things that are out there. If you get a chance, go watch the snow. I don't care how busy you might be. Go watch the snow. It's magnificent.

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