Monday, May 14, 2007

Just Call Them Flowers

Anyone who lives in a city knows that one of the first things your neighbors may or may not get mad at you about is how nice you keep your lawn. I live in the city now and own my own house. I also have a lawn, albeit a somewhat small one which I had to mow for the first time last week. It didn't take too long - about a half hour - but while I was doing it, I noticed how many weeds had creeped up into the grass.

Growing up on a farm, we had so much lawn that if you were to treat all of it for weeds, you'd be broke both in terms of money and time. If it weren't for creeping charlie and dandelions and other assorted non-grass greens, most country homes wouldn't even have a lawn. It'd just be dirt.

With that background firmly in place, at the house I rented last year, I could care less what grew in the lawn. There were weeds aplenty overpowering that lawn. There were even a few dreaded thistles that caused more than a couple piercings to bare feet. I didn't care, though, because I was renting the place and the landlord was in Iowa and was also probably one of the worst and most incompetent landlords in existence. He was kind of like the Alberto Gonzalez of landlords.

Now I own a place, though, and there are definitely weeds in this lawn. The back yard is pretty much completely weeds, while the front yard only has a few dandelions making an initial assault on the masses of grasses firmly entrenched there. Considering my background with lawn care, the fact that both of my neighbors don't really keep their lawns weeded all that well, and the fact that I've never cared what is actually growing in my yard as long as it is green, soft to walk on, and didn't stab me or make me itch, I think I'm going to concede victory to the weeds without even fighting, saving myself money, time, and stress.

It's just lawn. Right?

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