Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Actually Interesting to Watch

Monday night I stayed in town after work so Kristi and I could go see Knocked Up (great movie by the way). On our way back to her apartment we stopped by a local gas station to grab some ice cream to help offset the ungodly hot weather outside. Deciding on the new (at least to me) Ben & Jerry's flavor Half Baked, which is chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed together with cookie dough and brownies and slathered in fat calories, we checked out and got ready to walk home when a man hurriedly pushed his wife and daughter into the gas station.

He told us to stay inside as there was a fight outside. Being a guy, I was curious and as I looked out the window, sure enough there were two kids tossing punches, grabbing shirts, rolling around on the ground, and pretty much looking like they've never been in a fight before.

These two kids were probably 16-18 years old, pretty scrawny, and appeared to be not really trying while they were fighting, but I think that again comes back to this looking like their first fighting experience. Eventually one kid got enough half assed punches and slaps in on the other to come out as the "winner" of the bout.

It was at this time the "loser" came walking into the gas station all in a huff. He went to the back of the store, still fuming, and grabbed what appeared to be a broom handle or something resembling it and walked back outside with purpose in his stride.

It was this moment in time where I realized there was probably no danger for outsiders in this fight. Initially I didn't know if knives or guns or any other stupid fight accessory would be pulled out, but since the kid had to come into the store to find something to use to take the fight to the next level, I figured everyone else was probably pretty safe.

As we left we didn't get to see the rest of the fight, but in under 30 seconds after having left the gas station, the kid who grabbed the broom handle came running back around from the other side of the building holding a bottle of what appeared to be Mountain Dew up in the air, all the while proclaiming how awesome he was.

For me, this whole situation was really very quite amusing. It's not often I get to see petty little fights such as this. Seeing real everyday people fight is so much different than watching boxing or ultimate fighting in that, well, it's just funny. Most people don't, by nature, know how to fight, which is probably a good thing... because if they did the fight would have been over so much quicker.

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