Monday, June 04, 2007

Gender Bias

I've always hated wearing business attire. Even business casual isn't something I prefer. I grew up on a farm, not in some city suburb where my parents were doctors or business people, so for the majority of my life jeans or shorts and a t-shirt were what I wore every day, well, outside of Sundays when I dressed up for church, but I figure if I'm going to dress up for anyone it might as well be God.

Being at a position where I have to wear business attire, mostly of the casual variety, for a while now, I've come to loathe this particular type of attire more and more and more. Part of it is simply because I just don't like tucking in my shirt and having to wear pants on warm days, but a good majority of my rage comes at the difference in attire requirements between men and women... especially on really warm days.

There's nothing more annoying than having to go through a 90 degree day wearing dress shoes, slacks, and a long sleeve shirt. To make things worse, you pretty much have to double up the layers you wear the hotter it gets because you want the under clothes layer to absorb the sloppy amounts of sweat your body is giving off because it's a blast furnace outside and you're stuck wearing clothes better suited for a 55 degree fall day.

All the while women in the business world are walking around in open toed shoes that are basically glorified flip flops or sandals, capris or a loose, flowing skirt, and a short sleeved blouse while I'm stuck sweating my balls off.

Women, you want true equality in the workplace? Then start dressing like you're living in Siberia when it's 85 degrees and 90% humid out. If men are stuck doing it, so should you dammit. Either that or let guys start wearing shorts or other cool clothes so that we can actually be outside longer than 10 minutes without basting in our own urea. Business attire be damned.

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