Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Makes My Stomach Churn

In an internet conversation I was involved in, the topic of cats and flame wars came up together so I figured it would be funny to add to the conversation a cat throwing a fireball or something of that nature. I'm sure by now, with the whole LOLCATS fad going around, that someone would have made a picture I could use. So I consulted the Google.

When I searched for pictures of said criteria above, I was horrified when a bunch of news articles were returned talking about how a cat, set on fire, was used as a molotov cocktail of sorts in an attempt to set a house on fire. I'm stunned and a little sick to my stomach. Who does this type of stuff? And where can I find them? So I can set them on fire and throw them at a building. The human race sucks.

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