Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mostly Reviews

You'll have to forgive me for the content as of late. As you can easily see by scanning the front page, it seems like a sizable chunk of my posts have been music reviews. Well, this is mostly because the music site I edit for (Decoy Music) has been running a little short on reviews content so I've taken it upon myself to generate some more content to put up along with just editing our staff's submitted reviews. Hopefully this influx of reviews from me will get our writers moving along a little to take the load off.

In relation to writing reviews, I had a conversation last night in which I was discussing, of all things, Hootie and the Blowfish. The conversation came up when Kristi and I were talking about guilty pleasure discs from our childhood years. For her it was Counting Crows, which then lead down the path of talking about radio popular rock bands and I confessed I owned Hootie and the Blowfish's sophomore effort because I thought their debut was too radio oriented and they had shown more maturity on their sophomore disc. To this Kristi replied, "You really thought about stuff like that when you were that age?"

Thinking about that question for a bit, I realized that I did. Now, in college, in high school, and even in middle school I remember always justifying why I liked or disliked something and I would do so in as critical a manner as possible. Of course, I still enjoyed stuff as a kid in that kid sense. When I saw Terminator II, I walked out of the theater thinking, "Holy crap was that ever badass as hell. I need to see it again." Of course, I later thought, "As much as I enjoyed that, Arnold is a pretty terrible actor and some of the comedic relief moments weren't really needed, but the special effects were snazzy!".

Kristi seemed to imply, not negatively or anything, that it was odd to have that critical of a view of events when I was a kid. I should have been simply enjoying things as a kid. Was I too serious when I was younger? I like to think I just grew up quicker. And now, since I've had those years of being grown up under my belt, I've become a huge fan of doing immature things that I should have done in high school--like walking into a room, farting, and then laughing about it. I seriously get so much pleasure out of that.

Anyways... expect more album reviews coming your way until the Decoy writers get off their asses and get typing.

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