Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Universal Sentence Closer

Recently, when I've been having conversations with people, I made a particular observation and now I can't help but notice this observation in every communication I have with someone. What I noticed was that, no matter what the contents of a sentence or conversation, about 80% of the time people end their sentences with a trailing "so..."

For example, how many times have you heard the following or similar to the following?

"Hey, I got that report done and it's ready to send off. So..."

"I just got Forza Motorsport 2 the other day and it's got a totally rad multiplayer component, so..."

"Anyways, I've gotta get to dinner now, so..."

It's like people just don't know how to finish a sentence any more and want to leave it open. That, or else people just assume that by saying "So..." the person being talked to would simply intuit what was supposed to be following the so or what should have been said in place of the so.

Right now it is to the point of craziness with me in that I notice every single freakin' time any person within earshot of me uses the word "so" in any capacity and when they do, it feels like I'm noticing something that I shouldn't be or that no one else is noticing because everyone continues to use this general sentence ender.

I now find myself avoiding using the word if at all possible in all cases, which is weird, because it's like I've developed an allergic reaction to the word and shun it whenever I have the chance. Does anyone else notice this? Hopefully by pointing it out other people will notice this trend and attempt to properly end sentences. If not, I might go crazy, and that'd be bad, so...

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