Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fantasy Sports for Women?

As I was walking down the hall at work the other day, I overheard an interesting conversation between two women in the office. The first was telling the second about this fantasy competition that she was in with some of her girl friends outside of work. I initially assumed that she was in a fantasy baseball league or something like that, but then I heard her say, "The scoring isn't as ideal as I like, because right now you get way too many points for your star being on the cover of a magazine."

Being genuinely intrigued, I slowed down, turned a corner, and listened in. It turns out that the fantasy league being discussed is actually a celebrity fantasy league. The people in this league would be celebrities to have on their team. They would then accumulate points for how many magazines their celebrity was on the cover of, how many late night appearances he/she made, and other similar categories that, I'm guessing, are simulating the celebrity's popularity.

I'm imagining this would actually be a somewhat interesting game to play, but pretty much whoever gets to draft Paris Hilton would have such an advantage over everyone else it'd be the case where everyone else would probably be competing for second place.

The biggest question that comes to mind in regards to this fantasy sport is where do the participants get their information? I managed to find one website, Fafarazzi, that has online leagues for people to get in on, but if you didn't use an online site I would imagine it would be pretty hard to get full, accurate information. Unlike sports, there's nowhere to turn to for hard stats about how often a celeb did something.

Anyways, I found this extremely interesting and I might actually think about starting a celeb fantasy league myself just for the heck of it.

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