Friday, July 06, 2007

Random IP Blocking

Yeah, that was fun. The reason I haven't had anything posted in a bit (and the reason the last two posts appeared on this site so long after they were "posted") is that for some reason my host was blocking all connections from Blogger (the blogging software I am still, unfortunately, using). Since my host is pretty much unreachable when it comes to customer support (I guess that's what you get with a really cheap host), I figured I'd have a horrible migration staring me down.

As I was looking into setting up Wordpress and seeing if I could migrate all of my posts over, I went into Blogger to check the error messages it was throwing again and, crazily enough, everything published. My host took down their block of Blogger's IP. I have no clue why there was a 5 day ban on Blogger's IP at my host.

So... I hope everyone had a good fourth of July. I'm back!

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