Friday, August 31, 2007

Demo Derby Videos

For anyone who doesn't live in the midwest, been to a county fair, or attended the Mad Max-esque demolition derby events that are at said midwet county fairs, I've posted a couple of videos, below, from one of the derbies I attended this year.

These videos are of the smaller of the two derbies I attended this year, so the action isn't quite as visceral or manic, but it still gives a decent idea of what demo derbies are all about--crashing cars until they stop working.

Watching the videos after posting them, I realize how crazy it probably seems for someone who has never even heard of the concept. The way that the drivers soup up their cars, not only in reinforcing the frames and beefing up the engines, but in the paint jobs and other "extras" might seem a little crazy to some. Regardless of what anyone thinks, demo derbies are a ton of fun that I think anyone with an eye for destruction will enjoy.

So anyways, here are those clips:

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