Monday, August 27, 2007

More Comcast Awesomeness

It looks like Comcast is making even more friends by cutting off service to their users. It's interesting that Comcast has been making the news lately (geek news at least) for throttling torrents and cutting off service. At the same time, our internet service, which is through Comcast, has been quite underwhelming.

We've experienced the torrent throttling and packet shaping since many of my torrents won't seed to people, even when connected. Also, our service has been abysmally slow as of late. Recently we've been having a hard time getting more than 30 kbps and web pages take forever to connect to their source and then load.

We've done the usual--reset the router, reset the modem, restart the computers--and nothing changes the fact that our service is slow, our ping is astronomical, and my Skype calls are warbly. What sucks is we don't have any alternatives for internet service in our area since Comcast was allowed to have a monopoly in our neighborhood. And I'm sure that my calling to complain will be in vain since they KNOW that they're the only option in town. The bastards.

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