Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Day Off

Having been at a wedding in Wisconsin this weekend and since I'm heading back to Wisconsin tomorrow for a vacation with my parents, I decided to just take today off as a day to hang out at home and just catch up on whatever. And it was good. I really haven't had a day to do just whatever it was I wanted. I can't do that during the week where I spend the majority of my day at work and most weekends I have have things going on, so it was very refreshing today.

I still got up at a little before 6 am, but I was wide awake and got a ton done this morning... if you can count watching a couple of episodes of West Wing, reading for an hour, then watching the movie Sunshine getting a ton done. I eventually got around to going for a run, doing my laundry, mailing some packages, paying some bills, and running some errands, but this morning just being able to sit and veg out for a while was so needed.

Really, I'd recommend to anyone to just take a day to totally relax and do nothing at whatever pace doing nothing comes at. It helped me to realize how busy I am every day rushing to work, rushing home, cramming in a run and chores, and then trying to find time to do something fun when I'm simply beat. We run ourselves ragged without really enjoying ourselves. Life shouldn't just be about work, but unfortunately because of where we live and how we live, it ends up that way. Even so, take some time to kick back. It'll do wonders for you.

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