Friday, September 14, 2007

Twitter - WTF Does Anyone Use It For?

Ok, so just for the heck of it I signed up for a Twitter account. I've also added a box on the left side of this page that has my latest Twitter "posts" or "comments" or what-the-heck-ever you can consider the 140 character or less narrative fragments that you type into it are. I really have no clue why I signed up for it, but it seems like everyone in the online writing world is jumping all over it.

I don't get the appeal. You can't really put anything of substance in Twitter posts. The presentation of Twitter posts is relegated mostly to sections of websites or blogs, such as what I did, or to mobile devices. Maybe it might be useful to keep track of exactly where you are if you're traveling or what you are doing if you, for some odd reason, don't have any other way of keeping track of things.

When I mosied on over to the Twitter page and installed a Twitter plug-in for Firefox so that I could see what the Twitter "community" was doing, I was astounded by the sheer amount of just ridiculous, stupid, nonsensical gibberish that makes up the majority of Twitter posts. You'll have some random string of words, a half-ass sentence fragment, a series of random symbols, some reference to some other Twitter-er, or maybe (just maybe) you'll get an interesting quip.

Really, I have no clue why Twitter even exists or why it has caught on. I'm baffled.

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