Friday, October 19, 2007

This is Really Getting Old

Hey Mother Nature... I don't ask for much, maybe a clear day here and there when I have ultimate frisbee games, but I have a pretty pressing request for you today. Please, please, please can you let the sun come out and have this rain stop? It's been about two weeks of constant rain, mist, and overcast skies. We had one day where the sun peaked through (last Saturday) and it was amazing.

I don't know how much longer I can take such dark and dreary weather. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I do usually end up a little melancholy during the season (which isn't all that bad) but this year I'm starting to feel downright depressed.

There's been no time to enjoy the fall colors since I can't get out because it is raining. There have been no cool evening runs because it is freakin' raining. I'm moody, needy, sad, and mopey and I can't seem to get out of it when every time I look out a window the weather only reinforces my mood. I'm sure the people close to me are sick of my down mood. I know I am. But I just can't get over it.

It's weeks like these that make me realize I could never live anywhere that was in a perpetual state of dreariness. I'm just too moody. Anyone have any cures for getting over this? Other than praying the weather changes sometime soon?

I'm done with this weather. I f'ing hate it. It needs to change like right now...

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