Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jon Arbuckle IS Crazy

Lately at work my time has revolved around performing data analysis and data validation, which can be extremely boring and tedious, not to mention time consuming (which sucks when you have other things you want to be working on as well). Every so often I'll find myself just randomly talking to myself about the data I'm looking at, which probably isn't so much weird for me but might be for the people in the cubicles around me. Usually it's a whisper, though... which is probably even creepier... oh well.

When I started thinking about how I probably seem a little crazy talking to database layouts on my computer screen, I remembered a website that I previously stumbled across where someone took Garfield out of a bunch of Garfield comic strips so it looked like Jon was just talking to himself. I looked it up again today and, if it wasn't for the few chuckles it gave me, I might have collapsed under the boredom of work.

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