Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bug Fighting

One of my friends recently showed me the website where, you guessed it, bugs fight each other. It's kind of interesting to see the various matchups and to see how different types of insects attack each other and defend themselves. It's also surprising to occasionally see an insect you would think has no chance against the other actually win. Once and a while you don't even know why one beat the other... it just did.

When I passed on this website to two of my friends I got two totally different responses. One thought it was the awesome-est thing he's seen in ages. The other thought it was cruel and as far from entertaining as you could get. It was pretty weird to get two polar opposite responses, especially since I was pretty much indifferent to watching bugs fight. It was interesting, yes, but nothing that I'd watch all the time or even think about beyond having seen it.

In thinking about it, however, by condoning bug fights a person could be seen standing on the edge of a very slippery slope. Sure, these are just annoying bugs fighting, so maybe they could up the ante a little bit. Why not have lizards fight each other? They're just big, cold-blooded bugs, right? And then, maybe, if you get bored you could watch some small mammals go at it, or take in a cockfight every now and again. Pretty soon, you're thinking dog fighting is ok. I know, I know, it's pretty ridiculous to make the stretch from bug fights to dog fighting, but there definitely is a path from one to the other that could be slid down.

So are bug fights inherently evil? Maybe... Probably... but they're also extremely interesting.

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