Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daily Dozen... With Commentary!

It's a busy day at work, so you get my random thoughts on some random tunes. These twelve songs came up when I hit random on my music collection.
  1. A Perfect Circle - "Passive": Got into this band initially because of the Tool connection, but grew to appreciate them in their own right in time.
  2. Danko Jones - "When Will I See You Again": Straight up, rocking punk complete with the attitude. I remember seeing him at CBGBs before the place closed up. Was hooked ever since.
  3. The Beautiful Mistake - "On Building": This is from their debut, a CD I picked up because I really liked their sophomore effort. This disc wasn't quite as good, however, but still decent emo with some screaming tossed in.
  4. Istra - "Must We Be": Generic modern screamo. I should really delete this one of these days.
  5. Spoken - "Love in Return": Glossy hard rock that I should hate, but for some reason can't.
  6. Angel Eyes - "One": From a two track EP that sees the crafting some good, but not great, atmospheric post-metal.
  7. Doubledrive - "Stand By": I bought this CD on a whim so long ago. Loved it for a while, then went into a radio rock hating phase, then pulled it back out again.
  8. Ignite - "No Regrets": Awesome, awesome punk band. Saw them at the Triple Rock and was floored. This is from their earlier stuff, which isn't as good as their latest, but still solid.
  9. Takota - "City Drugs": Eh, this is another CD I should delete. It was sent for review a while back and I liked one song on it, but the guy's vocals are annoying and the songs just aren't that good... ok, it's now been deleted from my collection.
  10. 40 Below Summer - "Endorphines": Uggghhh, I think Winamp hates me today. This is crappy ass old nu-metal that I keep around for nostalgia's sake since I listened to it a bunch in college.
  11. Madison Prep - "Parkview": Decent unsigned band. Play your standard emo with really high pitched, nasally vocals. Another band that had sent me stuff to review.
  12. Trail of Tears - "Empty Room": Power metalcore through and through. The female vocalist isn't too bad. The male vocalist gets on my nerves, though.

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