Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Spring

Today, I believe, was the first truly gorgeous day of this year. Low to mid 50's, sunny, just a faint breeze, and the smell of emerging life. It was just too hard to stay indoors... so I didn't. As soon as the afternoon rolled around and I finished up with most of the work I was working on this morning (on a vacation day, no less), I laced up the running shoes and went out for a solid 5K run through the neighborhood. It turned out to be a wet, sloppy run from all of the snow melting, but it was still undeniably refreshing.

Not content to have a run be my only time spent outdoors, I ran a number of errand with the windows rolled down and the stereo thumping as loud as it could, even with the sub that stopped working. Being able to get into my car without my teeth chattering while I anxiously await the heater to kick in was a refreshing reminder that soon enough we won't even have a hint of snow on the ground.

As the late afternoon moved in, I pulled out a lawn chair from the garage, grabbed a Diet Coke, and sat out in the middle of the driveway to read. I'd have loved to have sat in the front or back yards, but they're both still filled with snow. Having the sun shine down and the wind blow by, all the while the noises of the suburbs going on around me as everyone else decided to get outside for the day, was like a mini-vacation all its own. Of course, the afternoon had to draw to a close, which it did.

It couldn't last all day, no matter how much I wished it could. So I returned to the indoors, cranked out a little more work, and headed off to other tasks. Still, the feelings of the day are fresh in my mind and are fueling my anxiousness for spring to truly get underway.

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