Monday, March 10, 2008

This Isn't Goodbye

Winter, I am officially done with you. We had a nice run together, sharing fun times in the wintery wonderland you created, but things have run their course. We both knew that things wouldn't work out for the long run. Besides, we've always worked best in this on and off again relationship we tend to get in. Just face it, we can only stand each other for so long. With that said, I think you need to move on and so do I.

We'll always have our memories--the broomball games out on the ice at local parks, the first time I got to use my new snowblower, the fiasco it took to get that damn snowblower working, your cute practical joke where you let the temperature get so cold that my car wouldn't start, all the heavy clothes I got to wear in order to spend quality time with you, and, of course, watching the snow through the front window as it fell so beautifully upon the ground. I'll cherish those times...

...but I need out. I need warmer weather. I need to be able to run outside without having to wear 3 layers of clothes. I don't want my teeth to chatter as I wait for the bus. I can't keep playing ultimate indoors because, well, it's meant for the grass, wind, sun, and outdoors. I crave more than white. There needs to be greens and browns and yellows and blacks in the views of nature around me. And I'm sick of dealing with packed snow and ice all over from people not shoveling sidewalks. I'm bound to twist an ankle or something eventually.

It's over, winter. Move on. Please, just go. Don't drag this on any longer. I'm sure I'll see you again. But until that time, well, why don't you pack up your crap and get the hell out of my face?

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