Thursday, March 06, 2008

Warm Beer, Cold Women

I know I mentioned previously that I went to go see Warm Beer, Cold Women at the Guthrie here in Minneapolis, but I find that I keep revisiting that performance in my day dreaming time. I was never a huge Tom Waits fan, being that most of what I listen to ventures into the heavier musical realms, but I was familiar with some of his more famous songs.

After having seen Warm Beer, Cold Women, I took it upon myself to track down the entire Tom Waits discography. Thank goodness for the internets. I've now been slowly making my way through everything he's ever put to tape and find myself really enjoying some of his stuff and being utterly bored by the rest of it.

For me, Waits seems to be best when he's either doing his lounge tinged jazz numbers or some of his more experimental compositions. When he ventures into schmaltzy pop, I tend to zone out. Maybe because it feels a little cheesy (despite his always unique lyrics), maybe because I'm just not a pop music fan, or maybe it really is the most boring portion of his catalogue... Any way you look at it, though, I'm glad I dove into Waits' very large, and very diverse, discography. So far, I think I find myself digging Orphans the most, which is interesting considering it is a compilation from 2006 of songs that never made it onto his past releases.

So, yeah, there you go. I'm a little late to the Tom Waits party (about 30+ years late, I guess), but I finally made it.

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