Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go to the Humane Society Instead

I love animals and most people I do tend to care about them as well. Some people, however, are douche-buckets. Every industry has them--the people more concerned with making money than being humane and considerate. Retail has Wal-Mart. Cable companies have Comcast. The mortgage industry has Countrywide Financial. And the pet industry has puppy mills. Truth be told, though, it's not just puppies that get milled. It happens for most animals that are sold in pet stores.

Personally, I'll never buy an animal from a pet store. There's too many lovable, huggable, so-ugly-they're-cute animals at local animal shelters that there's no reason anyone should have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for an inbred animal that was produced in an inhumane facility.

I know puppy mills are nothing new, but my mom's been talking about them recently and it never hurts to remind people that there are animals out there being treated very inhumanely so pet stores can make a few extra bucks.

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