Friday, April 11, 2008

On a Grumpy Streak

Sometimes I wish I lived downtown. You're close to everything and can walk wherever you want to go. You don't have to plan to go do something, you can spontaneously head out to an event. The commute is virtually non-existent and whatever travel time you have to and from work is spent walking, which is infinitely more enjoyable that sitting in stuffy, gridlocked car or hopping a herky-jerky bus. I don't live downtown, though, because I like having a house and yard and some space for when I eventually get to the point where I add a dog to the family. Living downtown just wouldn't be conducive to having a dog. This doesn't stop some people, however.

The last few days I've noticed the same woman out and about walking her dog on the sidewalks where I walk between my bus and work building. Cool, she's out with her dog... but she lets it piss right in the middle of the sidewalk and does most mornings. It's really gross walking down the sidewalk having to step over streams of dog urine.

I think people who let their dogs urinate and poop on the sidewalks should be cited. It's icky and if I can't get away with pissing on the sidewalk, then someone's animal shouldn't get to do it either. One of the things that I believe you give up when you choose to live downtown is the option of having a pet such as a dog where you need to take it outside to defecate and pee. The caveat to this is if the owner walks the pet over to a park with grass before having it do its duty, then fine, but it should be absolutely unacceptable for someone to let their animals pee pee on the sidewalk... and it should be punishable by allowing any passerby to kick the offending owner in the kidneys or, if the dogs is one of those annoying little yip-yip abominations, the passerby may punt the dog into the middle of oncoming traffic. Harsh, I know, but yip-yip dogs are actually tools of Satan and should be returned to him at any opportunity.

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