Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Week's Dozen

This week I'm all about bringing the heavy tunes. So if you want a soundtrack to beat someone up by, then this is it. Check out the mix here. You'll get treated to these kick ass songs:

1. Chimaira – “The Dehumanizing Process” (live)
2. The Great Deceiver – “Marathon Man”
3. Freya – “Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death”
4. Bloodjinn – “Break the Silence”
5. Thick as Blood – “Dead to Me”
6. Century – “Watch Them Become Animals”
7. Norma Jean – “Absentimental”
8. God Dethroned – “Hating Life”
9. Unholy – “Awaken the Sleep”
10. As I Lay Dying – “The Sound of Truth”
11. The Breathing Process – “Pandora’s Rebirth”
12. Gone Without a Trace – “Power and Greed”

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