Friday, April 04, 2008

The Weekly Mix

In case anyone cares or wants to stumble upon some potentially life altering music, I think I'll be doing a weekly mix tape of sorts. Instead of the lame Daily Dozen thing where I just list what I'm listening to, you can actually listen to my mix tape for the week. So, without further blabbering from me, here's this week's mix.

1. Lifer – “No Need”
2. Underoath – “The 80’s Song”
3. City Sleeps – “Just Another Day”
4. Taking Back Sunday – “Great Romances of the 20th Century”
5. Soundgarden – “Drawing Flies”
6. Cataract – “March with Your Battleforce”
7. The Sinking Ships – “Kiss the Sharks”
8. Juno Reactor – “Komit”
9. Gaza – “Moth”
10. MxPx – “Andrea”
11. End of the Rope – “Parasite”
12. Econoline Crush – “Burnt”

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