Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Still in Miami

So I've been in Miami (and am still there as I write this) for work this week. I was co-leading a 2 day training session on a software application that we are rolling out internationally. My session yesterday was a little rushed since the 90 minutes I was budgeted to have got scrunched into under 60, but we managed to make it through, even if I was a little razzled at cramming so much in so fast. Today my presented sections went much smoother since I had enough time to go through everything. That and I simply felt a little more into things today than I did yesterday.

It's been warm and busy and, oddly, filled with bad luck. There seems to be a ton of small things going awry on this trip. It started when I got myself a mocha at Seattle's Best in Atlanta. Let me tell you, never buy a mocha there. It's outrageously expensive (more expensive than Starbucks), the drink itself is mostly whip cream, and it's pretty much just some chocolate milk warmed up. I couldn't even really taste any espresso. Also, Atlanta is a terrible airport for finding fast food. Every fast food place is tex mex and anything americana at all is a sit down place, which makes it really hard to get food quickly while on a layover.

Beyond the flying troubles, when I got into Miami, my taxi ride to the resort I was staying at (the Doral golf resort, if anyone knows it) was about 45 minutes long because of a crazy accident that closed off 4 of the 5 lanes of the highway we were on. Then, to top it off when I got in, not having eaten all day other than my Seattle's Best mocha, I ordered a pizza only to have it delivered not as you'd expect (flat, like any freakin' idiot could deliver it), but upright like a book on a shelf. Needless to say all of the pizza was squished into one corner. I was too hungry to bitch, so I just sucked it up and tried to eat what I could.

Throughout the training sessions, everything was pretty good, except for some odd internet issues here and there... and the temperature of the meeting room. It was about 60 degrees in the room, which is pretty freezing when you're in there all day. Then you go outside and it's like 90+ out so there's no winning. Either I'm frozen or I'm overheating. Frickin' Florida.

Then my wonderful $50 noise canceling headphones broke. They suddenly decided it would be fun to only play bass out of the left earphone. Killer. So I went and dropped $35 on a pair of what I thought would be decent Sennheiser earbuds, but really they're no better than a pair of no-name earbuds I could have grabbed for $20. Oh, and the Circuit City I bought them at was 2.5 miles from the resort. I thought it was closer so I decided to walk there. A sweaty half hour later I finally got there and then walked back another half hour but being able to listen to my Zune on my new overpriced and underwhelming headphones. Yay!

I'm afraid of what else could go wrong, but thankfully it has just been the little things. Nothing major has really happened or gone wrong, so that's great. My luck, though, I'll somehow get delayed on my way home tomorrow and miss my ultimate game. Go me!

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