Friday, October 03, 2008

This Election

I'm starting to actually get worn out talking about politics. I think I'm too my breaking point. I can only encounter and debate a certain number of closed minded idiots before I want to resort to groin punching instead of talking. That point, I've pretty much reached.

I'm going to try to say only a limited amount about what I think of our choices, but even that is usually enough to incite someone to go on a tirade about how I'm obviously a moron. Anyhow, here's how I see things:

--Palin is sorely inexperienced, seems sort of dumb (from her interviews), but is nicely "folksy". She appeals to the everyday joe because she seems like "one of us". It makes people think that one of their own could be the VP. Well, honestly, I don't like the idea of "any one of us" being able to be VP. I wouldn't want a guy down the street as VP. I wouldn't want many of my friends as VP. Heck, I don't think I'd want myself as VP. The reason why is that I don't have any experience or a lot of knowledge about the decisions I'd have to make. Sure, I could armchair quarterback it, but that's not what I'd want someone doing. And with no track record in the Senate or House, we don't really know how she'd vote on different measures. She's an enigma right now, and I'm really scared that Palin could be making decisions for our country, no matter how nice she is or how good a pan of brownies she can make.

--Biden is an interesting character. He's knowledgable, yes, but he also likes to run his mouth off at times which can get him into trouble. He also has an air about him that gives off a vibe that he's too good to be just the VP, he should be the presidential candidate. Beyond that, however, I see him as an experienced, smart man who would (hopefully) make informed decisions, and also be passionate about those decisions.

--McCain is getting harder and harder to believe lately the way he changes his stances on topics and then twists, turns, contorts, and distorts things to make it seem like he's not really changing his mind, but clarifying what he said before and how it fits in with what he says now. He also seems a little impatient, which is most definitely a trait I would not want to see in a president. Yes, he has experience on his side, but he's made a lot of gaffes when talking about items, such as foreign policy, that he supposedly has so much experience with. His age can also be a factor, but I'm guessing that with the state of the health care industry and the fact that he'd get the best there was, there isn't really too much of a risk he'll kick the bucket while in office.

--Obama, I'll admit, is the most appealing person in the lot. He's a gifted speaker, has a very energetic outlook and approach, and also appears to be quite intelligent and knowledgable, even despite his limited experience. Obviously his downside is his inexperience, but in stark contrast to Palin (the other inexperienced person in this lot), he has a plan, is not afraid to answer questions directly, and will give specifics when needed. He sometimes may come off as aloof, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing all of the time. It shows that he is confident in his plan and wants to get into office to actually DO something.

As it stands, if the vote was tomorrow, I'd check the box next to Obama and Biden. I think they'll do so many more positive things for our country than McCain and Palin could.

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