Monday, June 06, 2011

Lostboyfound - One Voice Over the Airwaves Album Review

Truth be told, I haven't listened to this album since I reviewed it (and for reference, this review was originally published on February 12, 2009 at Decoy Music). I'm not sure why, but more than likely it is because even though I really enjoy a good punk record every now and again, it is extremely rare for any particular punk record, especially of the Epiwreck sounding variety, to set itself that much further apart from their peers for me to prefer it over another band or release. And I probably wouldn't think about revisiting this album if I wasn't re-posting this review here...

Australia isn’t usually the continent that comes to mind when you think about the classic EpiWreck punk sound. Most people would think of the United States' west coast, not the land down under. However, the independent music scene in Australia seems to be seeing a resurgence of the types of bands you would have seen signed to Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords in the 90’s. Just take a listen to the roster of Australian independent label Pee Records. It’s like seeing a rebirth of Fat Wreck, which is most definitely a good thing, and one band on Pee's roster that embodies the sound and spirit of one of the EpiWreck greats, Strung Out, is Lostboyfound.

One Voice Over the Airwaves, a 6 track EP, mixes together the metallic punk sound of the aforementioned Strung Out with the feel of extremely early career Rise Against and the energy of A Wilhelm Scream. Everything old is new again! A perfect example is “We Will Not Go Quietly into the Night,” which sports gang vocal chants, bouncy and melodic lead vocals, AWS styled guitar hooks, and punk attitude infused lyrics. If this band were transplanted to San Francisco circa 1994, they'd be well on their way to mass popularity.

The art of making a quality EP seems to be a lost talent since the majority of EPs released by modern artists are nothing special. In most cases they're simply a track or two from an upcoming album and some other throwaway tracks, usually meant to just keep the band in people's minds while they work on a full length or to give the band something new to sell for a tour they're on. It’s rare to see a band put their heart into something so short and something that has a much smaller audience than a full length. In days past an EP would be how most bands got their start since an EP would be all they could afford to record. Having been conditioned to have low expectations for EPs, it’s beyond refreshing to come across one that shows a band with passion. It's apparent Lostboyfound actually care about this release.

Can’t wait for Strung Out’s upcoming 2009 release and need something to tide you over? Want to hear what’s up with the independent Australia punk scene? Want to listen to some truly solid tunes? Lostboyfound’s One Voice Over the Airwaves will satiate any of those needs.

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