Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Done Painting... For Now...

When we bought our house at the end of last year, we knew there were some things we'd have to do in order to get the house to feel like our home. The basement wasn't finished completely, the deck needed to have some updates made, and we had to paint... a lot. The entire house (yes, every room in the ENTIRE structure) had not had a single coat of paint put up. Everything was still white as could be which, while nice from a blank slate perspective, didn't leave the house having a lot of character. So once we got moved in we started in on painting.

The first rooms we tackled were my office, our loft, and our master bedroom. None of them were overly difficult as they were pretty standard rooms, but it got a bit more difficult when we moved to doing the dining room with its wood borders, bay window, crown molding, and built-in cabinets. I then went a in a little easier direction and finished up the remaining two bedrooms which left just our great room and kitchen. The great room was a definite no go because of the 20+ foot ceilings and walls and sheer amount of wall space to cover. We'd have to hire that out. But the kitchen was still doable... but the most daunting because of all of the finicky trim work, maneuvering around cabinets, and working in more awkward areas. But I wanted to get it done, so last week that's just what I did. Below are some photos of the "before" followed by photos of the "after". Please ignore the masking tape and junk everywhere and just soak in the new hunger-inducing color!  I'm so glad it's done...

The desk area and left side of kitchen

The main part of the kitchen

The informal dining area and door to the deck

The view from the kitchen towards the great room

The hallway from the informal dining to actual dining room
So that's what everything looked like before I got out my paint brush, rollers, blankets, ladder, and other fun painting tools. I ended up having to put two solid coats on to make sure everything was colored correctly. There's still a tad bit of touch up left to do, but I think the color change came out amazing and I love the color and the feeling it adds to the room. It's like we have a whole new kitchen!

Kristi's new desk area and the hallway

The left side of the kitchen

The main part of the kitchen

The informal dining area and door to the deck

The view towards the great room

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