Monday, June 17, 2002

Mom, I Don't Want to Wake Up Yet

I often think and write about many different things and I find many of them interesting, and if I find them interesting I thought maybe some other people out there might as well. For that reason I decided to make a little section here on my web page that is located in the middle of a vast wealth of knowledge on the internet, so that if anyone dared to they could read what my mind is thinking. So this is the first entry. Be prepared to be amazed (or bored to death, I'm not sure which).

As I woke up this morning, I had that feeling just like I do every other morning. You know, that feeling. It's weird because every day that I wake up I just get this great, refreshing feeling of being new. Everything that happened the day before, everything you dreamed, everything that you might have done wrong, everything that went right--everything, it all just seems to disappear and you get to start all over with a new day. Of course, what had happened in the past will come back to you as the day goes on and you will obviously remember and do things in accordance, but before the real world has its chance to intrude upon you, there is that feeling of peace and of a new beginning. I love that feeling. I absolutely love it. It is the most blissful part of the day. Most of the time I go to bed at night anticipating that moment of waking just so I can feel new and good again.

As I thought about this a little more I began to wish that there was some way that we could all live in this perpetual state of just waking up. It would be perfect because you would never have to deal with the problems of the day before or you wouldn't have to try and make today as good as yesterday was. Everything would just be good, no better than something or worse than something--it would just be good. Wouldn't that be a spectacular world to live in. Of course, it wouldn't always be that great because you wouldn't have a concept of the past and everything would be pretty solitary, but it would be so great if we could all just live with that wonderful feeling of just coming to consciousness. Maybe heaven is like that. Maybe we just get to live in an eternal state of waking. It wouldn't be that bad if you ask me.

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