Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Red Power, Sleeping Forever, and the Idiocy of Technology Department Store Workers

A few new things to bring you up to date on today. The first, I am now a partial, fiesty red-head! Yep, I highlighted my hair red last night. I also left a little blond so now I have a nice little conglomeration of brown, blond, and red. It looks a little busy, but I think it turned out well. Maybe next time I'll try blue. I've always wanted to try that.

Next, one of the kid's I graduated with lost his mom on Sunday. I just found out about it yesterday, but I thought it might have been a joke. I guess not. Apparently the entire family was driving back from somewhere and when they got in the car, the mom had already went out to the car to get in and when they got there she looked like she was asleep. They thought they wouldn't disturb her so she could have a nice, peaceful drive home. The thing is, she had a heart attack before they got there and died on the spot. She just happened to die in the front seat of the car in a position that looked like she was sleeping. They noticed when they got home when they tried to get her out and she was unresponsive. Sad. It shows me even more that if God wants me to go someday, he'll find a way to do it, so God, I'm just gonna ask you to give me at least a few more decades, please? I've got a lot to do here yet, Big Guy. This little incident also proves that if you are in good health you can still go. She had just seen the doctor a couple of days before the trip for a check up because she did have a few problems with her heart earlier, but the doctor said she was doing spectacular--she couldn't be taking care of herself any better. Bam! Three days later she's suddenly got a halo. It's odd how fragile and unpredictable our lives are. It also reawakens my wonderful paralyzing fear of death. It's so FINAL that it drives me nuts. It's hard for me to fathom that I only get a limited amount of time here and then its off to the grave for eternity. Just think about it.....I do and it freaks me out. I know I believe in Heaven and I am a strong Christian, but the idea of that great unknown still throws me for a loop. Maybe I'm just not gifted with a strong enough faith. I don't know. All I do know, though, is that this constant fear of death has definitely guided my life in recent years. I've always tried to live as if I only did have like a week or two left (I'm hoping God gives me a little warning before I go so I can start doing the REAL crazy things I want to). I also try to leave a small piece of me with every person I know. Maybe that way I'll get remembered beyond my years? Who knows.

Anyways, enough morbid, preachy, self-involved talk for today. I'm off to best buy in a minute anyways. New cd day, you know. Gotta pick up the new discs by Soulfly, Nonpoint, The Used, Epidemic, Greenwheel, Union Underground, and Dead Poetic. Well.....at least in a perfect world I'd have enough money to buy all of them so I'll just have to pick a couple I like and then dream about getting the others another day. Off I go to that big yellow and blue technology haven that breeds stupidity among all of its workers. I swear they have the stupidest people working there out of any technology store (besides Circuit City, of course). I'll deal, though, if it'll get me cds for cheaper than the $20 they cost at Sam Goody. It's amazing how a store like that even stays in business with a Best Buy right down the road that sells the exact same cds for a good $5 or $6 cheaper. Whatever, I guess the people that shop at Sam Goody are even more stupid than the people who work for Best Buy.

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