Wednesday, June 26, 2002

CD Economics 101

I need to quickly get this out of my system. Record companies are wondering why they aren't selling as many cds nowadays, correct? Even an idiot like me knows why. High prices. An example from yesterday. I was looking forward to getting the new Soulfly cd because I think they are a very unique metal band (and I somehow enjoy Max Calvera's pointed lyrics). I also thought I might pick up the new Nonpoint and Union Underground cds if they weren't too expensive. I get to best buy and go to pick up my cds. I find Nonpoint first--$6.99. Good buy. Next, I grabbed the Union Underground disc--$4.99. Rockin' price. Walking around looking at stuff and I find the new Epidemic cd--$9.99. That's pushing my price boundary, but I pick it up anyways because I'm thinking of getting them. I see another special, Greenwheel's new cd--$5.99. Sweet! Lastly I go to pick up that wonderful new Soulfly cd--$11.99. Umm.....well.....I love Soulfly and all but $11.99 is just as much as I'm paying for two, count them two, cds by other bands. Out of all the cds I was going to buy I wanted the Soulfly cd the most, but I didn't buy it. Why? Because it cost double what some of the other cds I wanted cost. Even though I like those bands less because of the price I picked them up instead. I'm more than willing to throw down my cash every week to get some new cds, but I won't do it when it costs so much to do it. All I can say is that I might miss the new Soulfly cd a little but I sure am enjoying the Nonpoint and Union Underground cds I bought. More power for cheaper cds--that's how the record labels can end illegal copying.

On a completely different note, Fred and Wilma (referenced in a previous thought of the day) are magically back together as if nothing went wrong. What the crap!?!?!? I seriously don't understand what the heck is going on. One minute Wilma wants Fred to drop off the face of the earth and then she loves him again. Honestly, how do you spell dysfunctional. T-H-E-I-R R-E-LA-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P. Please, someone shoot me in the face if I ever get into that wacky of a relationship. I don't know how they do it. Whatever, I'm going to go rant about how much the RIAA sucks. Have a good one.

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